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Vietnam Patches For Vest

The rocker 2 patches set from vietnam patches for vest will help you cover more of your body with better protection. This set includes two patches for the vest jacket and is available in black and white.

Top 10 Vietnam Patches For Vest

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Vietnam Patches For Vest Ebay

This patch set is perfect for the vietnam veteran who needs some protection from blades and shots. The patches will help keep their vest jacket protected from combat wounds. this vietnam patch is located at the bottom of the vest, and can be found while looking for a way to add color and personality to your jacket. If you are looking for a simple, but stylish rocker patch, then this one is right for you. this set of viet nam patches for vest jacket is perfect for anyone who wants to wear their identity without forgetting the team. Thepatches allow you to show your vests that you support the team and help keep your identity within the community. this vietnam patch is a beautiful addition to your vest jacket. It is made from a beautiful, brown, topazian stone. The patch is 1. 5" wide x 2. 0" tall and is made of durable, white gold mesh.