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Service Dog Vest Do Not Pet

This is a 3d rubber pvc service dog patch label tag for dog harness collar vest. It is made of durable pvc and is made to be comfortable to wear. This tag is perfect for those who want to show their service dog policy.

Do Not Pet Dog Vest

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Do Not Pet Service Dog Vest

This is a mesh vest with a removable reflective patch size of 13-38. It is a great item to have on hand if you are not feeling among the pushy dog owners who want to take care of their furry friends. the service dog do not pet vest is a reflective label tag for the dog harness that tells authorities when service is being given by a service dog. The vest also has a tag that reads "service dog do not pet. " our service dog vest is made to protect and protect dogs. It has a fabric patch over the neck that stops pets from panicking and making contact with the material. It is also made to protect the vest and the dog's body. This set comes in 4 pack and is made to protect both the service dog and dog. the reflective service dog vest is a great piece of clothing for displaying your service dog's name and badge. It is made from waterproof nylon and has adjustable straps for a comfortable fit. The vest also has a company logo and a pet-friendly logo on the back.