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Plate Carrier Vest

The ncstar heavy duty expert plate carrier vest is the perfect accessory for your m-4xl. It is made from heavy-duty ballistic plate fabricating materials and is adjustable for size. The vest has a stylish design and is sure to provide you with protection from damage.

Tactical Vest Plate Carrier

The tactical vest plate carrier is a great way to keep your vest in your pocket! It includes a plate to hold your vest, a pouch to fit your vest, and a bag to store your vest. This carrier is perfect for traveling or for keeping your vest in your pocket!

Plate Vest

The krydex jpc 2. 0 jump plate carrier is an amazing piece of gear for your military occupation. It comes with a 2. 0-meterjump plate panel and a molle panel for attachment on your army's field army. The plate vest has a comfortable fit and makes you look like a ceo or governor. The krydex jpc 2. the plate carrier tactical vest loaded gear molle adjustable military assault plate carrier holder is perfect for holding your tactical vest and other gear when you're in the field. This is a great piece to have on the field to keep your gear together and comfortable. the ncstar discreet lightweight plate carrier is a great choice for law enforcement or for police swat teams. It is lightweight and designed to keep you safe when on the job. The plate carrier vest comes in black, blue, gray, brown, and black, and features the ncstar symbol. the krydex lbt-6094a plate carrier tactical body armor combat vest is perfect for use in your favorite activities. This armor is built with multiple features in mind, such as a strongalamid fabric covering the heart and a water resistant material on the back. The lbt-6094a plate carrier is also made to be field grade and is guaranteed to be water resistant. With this armor in hand, you can be sure that you're storming out of your house without it.