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Level 2 Vest

Looking for a level 2 vest that is soft and lightweight? look no further than the level 3a soft armor inserts for vest. This insert is perfect for the level 3a vest.

Best Level 2 Vest

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Level 2 Vest Walmart

Level 2 vest is a soft body armor panels with concealable vest. It is perfect for a cyclist, and is perfect for hiding the weapon from view. This vest is perfect for areas like your farm, your house, or your car. This vest is a great buy for the level 2 cyclist. this level 2 vest is perfect for those who want to protect their body from harm. The vest has a soft concealable bullet proof fabric inside and out, making it difficult for anyone to see it is wearing a level 2 vest. The vest also has a point blank soft concealable gun-proof fabric outside. This level 2 vest is perfect for people who need to be safe and protect themselves from all types of harm. the safe life defense level iiia body armor multi-threat bullet proof vest 2x-large is designed to protect your body from all types of threats. It features a built-in level 2 vest protection against protection threats, and aizonal protection against sbu. This armor is for use with the level 2 vest. the level 2 vest is a very important piece of armor when it comes to survival. It is bullet proof and has a smdd-2. This vest is for use in the outdoors, and can help protect you and your loved ones. This vest is made from high quality materials, and comes with a variety of pockets and straps to make it very comfortable to wear.