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Faux Leather Vest

Introducing the faux leather vest! This! Vest is made from 100% breathable faux leather and is available in sz and baccini styles. It's a little bit of everything: comfortable, stylish, and better yet, faux leather. It's the perfect piece for those pesky summer days spent outdoors, mcs, or work. And it's all done in tan!

Womens XSmall  Black Faux Leather  Vest Allen B

Pleather Vest

The weather is really nice today and I'm wearing my leather vest to work. It's a great day to be wearing a vest because it's in style and people seem to enjoy it. A leather vest is a good piece of clothing to wear if you're looking for someprotection from the weather.

Womens Faux Leather Vest

This dc finish vest is a unique and unique way to show your modern woman style. The faux leather vest is made with three different types of reinforcement, who do your color in the sky. The vest has a luxurious, vintage-inspired look and feel. This piece is perfect for a more sophisticated or high-end setting. The vest is made with in-depth-stitching and features a symbolic, vintage-inspired belt. The vest is the perfect accessory for any outfit and can be used for both formal and informal events. looking for a stylish and vegan-friendly vest? look no further than our faux leather vest! This vest is perfect for women who are looking to add some veganism to their look. It is made from vegan leather and features a triple zip-up detail on the front. Plus, there is a moto vest section for wearing while on the go. the last kiss gray faux leather vest is a comfortable and stylish vest that offers a touch of luxury. It is a perfect fit for women who want to look their best. The faux leather vest is also a great choice for those who want to look their best too. this brown faux leather vest is a great accessory for your clothing. It has a complex design with multiple layers of faux fur. The vest is a multiples 1x, and has a shawl pattern over the front.