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Double Purse Holster Vest

Looking for a stylish and functional holster bag? check out our delicious leopard print leather holster bag! This bag is perfect for carrying all your possessions in open style. The leather is from a burning man bag campaign and it looks great with any outfit! Our vest is also a great piece of gear to have and to wear.

Double Purse Holster Vest Ebay

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Best Double Purse Holster Vest

This is a double bag that stores both a black leather holster and a vest. It looks like the vest is a burning man bag and the black leather holster is a chest holster. It has two edwin when you need it, a lot of extra space for your phone and files, and a place to put a book. this zebra print leather holster bag has a high-quality look and feel. The black leather has a comfortable fit and the vest is perfect for any job. The vest has a built-in gun safe and a built-in phone holder. This bag is perfect for any job and is a great gift. this is a double purse holster vest that attaches to your belt. It is made of green leather and features a burning man design. It has a comfortable fit and is able to hold a standard bag or bagholder. this beige leather holster bag is the perfect accessory for your wardrobe. This bag is perfect for yourocentric needs because it provides a vest with a burning man symbol. The deviantart user "baked_pop" depicted this bag as an everyday belt or cross-body bag. The bag is versatile and perfect for your summer closet.